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PC-TC (ISA) Info
Application Note

Photo - 'PC-VLTC/RG1' Time Code Reader Generator Comparator Translator Board for PC
More ISA time code board literature & details
Here is a special application note on how to
use and install these unit on Window OSes.


*The demand for these ISA-bus boards is dropping rapidly, because most computers don't have ISA slots in them any more. Here is the info that we used and provided in the past in case you need some support.
(Note that ALL of the models in the PC-TC family have been discontinued due to the lack of parts that have become obsolete and are no longer available)
Here is some of the model and price info that we have provided in the past in case you need some support or general information. Some additional information (manual & drivers, etc) is available via download on the "Downloads" page, linked above.
PC-LTC/RDR LTC reader, bi-directional, 1/10x to 80x, simultaneous time and user bits. DF/NDF. $320
PC-LTC/GEN LTC generator, under full software control, either freeruns or syncs to video. DF/NDF. $320
PC-LTC/RG1 LTC reader/generator. Combines LTC RDR and GEN, and ability to sync generator to LTC input. $445
PC-VITC/RDR VITC reader, bi-directional, -1x to STILL to +3x, simultaneous time and user bits. DF/NDF. Automatic or programmable VITC line selection. SMPTE/NTSC and EBU/PAL compatible. $320
PC-VITC/GEN VITC generator, under full software control, adds VITC to blank video lines. DF/NDF. Programmable VITC line selection. SMPTE/NTSC and EBU/PAL compatible. $320
PC-VITC/RG1 VITC reader/generator. Combines all features of VITC RDR and GEN boards. $445
PC-VLTC/RDR LTC/VITC reader. Combines all features of PC-LTC/RDR and PC-VITC/RDR boards, plus automatic or controlled selection of LTC vs. VITC. Reads both simultaneously at PLAY speed. $445
PC-VLTC/GEN LTC/VITC generator. Combines all features of PC-LTC/GEN and PC-VITC/GEN boards. Full software control of generator outputs and all other features. $445
PC-VLTC/RG3 LTC-to-VITC translator, and VITC reader. Similar to PC-VLTC/RDR, plus has VITC generator and LTC-to-VITC translator modes. $570
PC-VLTC/RG2 VITC-to-LTC translator and LTC reader. Similar to PC-VLTC/RDR, plus has LTC generator and VITC-to-LTC translator modes. $570
PC-VLTC/RG1 LTC/VITC reader/generator/translator. Combines the features of all other PC-VLTC boards.

EBU Board defaults to PAL/EBU operations, and LTC output modified slightly $0
DISK3 3.5" IBM format test/demo/support diskette. $0
DISK5 5.25" IBM format test/demo/support diskette. $0
SERIAL RS232/RS422 serial interface, with TX/RX buffering and nonstandard RS232
RELAY SPST normally open (1 form A) relay output. $30


PC-LTC/CHK LTC checking and analysis software. Requires PC-LTC/RG1 board. Checks video/LTC phasing, scans tapes at high speed for dropouts and discontinuities, captures LTC and errors to disk, etc. $195
ESBUSCBL2 Board to 9-pin ESbus controller RS422 cable (5 conductor). $25 +
BOX232CBL Board to 9-pin RS232 port cable, with 9-pin to 25-pin adapter. $23 +
BNC2RCA Adapter form BNC cable to RCA jack. $6
XMAN Extra instruction manual $20

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Last modified: 02/22/13