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Application Note 


For PC-TC (ISA) time code boards and Window XP/2K/NT/95/98 and
including notes on Time code "jamming" (matching) of PC's clock.

This app note describes the things that need to be done in order to test PC-TC time code reader boards in a Win32 OS (NT, 95, 98). Also, the last step(#6) can be used to have the time code reader board be a source for TIME of DAY that can be
used to JAM the PC's CLOCK. More attention is applied to Windows NT because it proves to have features that allow only one test method, as the DOS software in the "TEST" directory of the diskette does NOT run on NT's "DOS" emulator. Here are the steps and procedures that will allow for testing and use when running the Windows  XP/2K/NT operating system (OS). If you do not have the disk (diskette) with the files listed below, you can go to the Download page of this site and get them in a zip file.

To use Adrienne Electronics PC-TC (PC-LTC, PC-VITC, PC-VLTC) time code boards under Windows NT, the following steps MUST be done. Also, the following works for Windows 95/98 too with the following exceptions:

Substitute the following files:
Substitute AEC95set.exe for AECsetup.exe.
Substitute Wrtdev0.vxd for Winrt.sys
(and copied into the windows\system\vmm32 directory instead)
These files can be found in the w95-code directory.
Substitute AEC95clk.exe for aecntsvc.exe
(.... also be sure to read the "read.me" file that is in the directory with aec95clk.exe.
This is the file/program that will set the PC's clock to match the time code that is read.)

Time code board installation and testing + Clock Jamming on XP/2K/NT- App note instructions:

Because the files in the "TEST" directory on the diskette that ships with the time code reader boards do NOT work under Windows NT/2K/XP (DOS programs),

Do the following:

1) Run the AECsetup.exe (\nt-code\registry directory) Be sure to answer each question as asked. Also, read each screen for additional information. You will not need the have an IRQ (hardware interrupt) jumpered to run this test, but you may if you want. When doing clock jamming, DO NOT enable the IRQ. Leave the jumper in the default position. This will leave the board in the  "none" IRQ selected.

2) Copy the Winrt.sys file into the Windows /system32/drivers directory

3) Reboot the PC (You can reboot here or after step 4 below).

4) Copy the following three files into directory "C:\AECtime" (or other directory of your choice) BE SURE THAT THE PATH TO THIS DIRECTORY  DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY LONG (GREATER THAN 8 CHARACTERS)  FILE/DIRECTORY NAMES.
a) AECntsvc.exe (needed only if you are going to do clock jamming. See #6 below)
b) AEC_nttc.dll (can be put in other directory, just so long as this file is in the "path")
c) AECntrdr.exe
All of these files are in the sub directories of "NT-code"

5) Run C:\AECtime\AECntrdr.exe and see if this program runs as expected. You should see a "1" in the lower left corner. This means that you have registered a  board ok and that the DLL file finds and can open the memory as registered. If a "0"  is found then this did not occur. You should see a "1" in the lower right corner also.  This value means that "one" board has been detected. When this is the case, you will  also see the board address in the window along with the time being read. At the  bottom center of the window you should see a "dll" revision info text message. This  small program provides some very good indications as to the performance of the
a) driver,
b) dll
c) time code reader board (if time code is hooked up and running).

6) Now try running the AECntsvc.exe program from a console window with the following command line:
        "C:\AECtime\AECntsvc -load" (return)
This should load the file startup parameters into the registry and allow for automatic starting of the clock jamming service when the operating system loads. You can see if the service has started and check it's status by selecting the  "services" icon in the Window's CONTROL PANEL. Also, you can change the time on the PC. If it changes back to match the time code time, then the software is running correctly.

NOTE: It is important that the operations that occur above be done by someone logged onto the PC as "ADMINISTRATOR" so that the  security aspect of allowing clock setting is allowed. Also, make sure that the PC in NOT logged onto a network at the same time that all of this setup is being done. I had a customer that had problems because the changes that the program makes to the registry were  being attempted on the network server because it was selected. You must be on the "local machine".

If you have any special time code clock jamming requirements, contact our support dept.

Copyright 2006 Adrienne Electronics Corporation
Last modified: 02/22/13