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General Info 


Company and Products Overview

AEC manufactures and distributes professional SMPTE / NTSC and EBU / PAL time code reading and generating devices. The newest product models are in our "PCIeSDV" product family. These are PCI express bus (PCIe) cards that can work with SDI video time code information, LTC, IRIG and more. The PCIeSDV models are much like our prior PCIe-TC products but with many more capabilities. Our 'AEC-uBOX-2' continues to solve time code related issues with the computer based video capture market. Developed as  a great way for Apple Final Cut Pro (and similar systems) users to get a live time code signal into their system while also capturing live SDI video and audio. Our USB-TC family of time code readers support LTC, VITC and IRIG time codes plus Line21 (CC) reader. We specialize in time code devices with reading and generating capability for PC computers. This web site, "www.adrielec.com", is the place to find the LTC / VITC time code reader / generator cards for the PC (personal computer) with comparator and translator features and product information for all Adrienne Electronics products. AEC manufactures electronic products for the television industry.

The PCI-21, PCI-LTC, PCI-VITC and PCI-VLTC product families are PCI computer boards that add various time code reading and generating, closed caption and XDS reading and On-Screen-Display abilities to a PC.  We also have ISA models that have the same time code reading and generating features. Many of our customers use these boards in off/on-line closed captioning systems, master control automation timing referenced to the master time code clock, character generation (CG) automation and for time code analysis. One of the standard features of our time code reader boards is the ability to keep a PC's clock matched to a time code signal that is being read. This allows the computer clock to be locked to a satellite feed or other master reference with a time error of less that a few frames at any given time.  

Some of the products that AEC has made in the past and that are now discontinued are our compact routing switchers with 10x1 and 10x2 configurations, our ISA bus time code cards and all of our large "AEC-BOX" models that include AEC's interface products that allowed parallel remote control of Video Tape Recorders such as Sony's VO-5800 and VO-5850 U-matic, JVC BR-S611u and BR-S811u and Panasonic AG-7500A and AG-7510 SVHS to interface with edit controllers and computers using the Sony "P2" RS-422 professional serial machine control protocol. Also, The AEC-BOX-50 allowed Sony protocol control of AMPEX VPR-3, VPR-6, VPR-80 and VPR-300 tape machines that run the AMPEX machine control protocol. The web site includes details of these discontinued serial to parallel and Sony to Ampex VTR protocol translators in the AEC-BOX family and our compact routing switchers.

We have been exhibiting at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas for many years. Please come visit our booth if you can. The NAB web site can be found at "http://www.nab.org"

A Short History

Adrienne Electronics Corporation (AEC) was established in March 1986. From the humble beginnings in the basement of a house in Northern California, we have grown substantially. We operated from the Grass Valley/Nevada City area in California until December 1993, when the company moved its entire operation to Las Vegas, Nevada for competitive reasons. We moved into a larger facility in nearby Henderson, Nevada in April 2012.  AEC offers a wide range of products for the television and computer related video industries. Since our products are niche, even for the broadcast market, we have found very few avenues to effectively advertise... so most of our business comes from internet searches, personal referrals, and many repeat sales. We specialize in providing fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service to our customers. Our products are reliable, and are built with pride in the U.S.A.. As the years go by, and technologies change, we work very hard to retain these characteristics.

Our founder, President, and hardware/firmware developer, Bruce E. Waggoner, attended Rice University (BSEE 1978) and Stanford University (MSEE 1979). In his career he has worked on a wide variety of projects such as IC design, microcomputer hardware and software design, power supply design, solar energy applications, automation of homes, and audio/video machine control, time codes, switching, distribution and compression. He is an Eagle Scout, French Horn tooter, was until recently a high school soccer referee, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi. 


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