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LTC, VITC, IRIG time code and L21 Data Readers for the Universal Serial Bus

Welcome to our "USB-TC" family of time code readers for the Universal Serial Bus. These tiny but rugged and nicely styled metal boxes are perfect for laptop and other slot-limited applications, and are both USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant. They use standard USB cables and hubs, and can thus be combined with all other USB products, including the use of multiple USB-TC products on the same computer. All USB-TC products include a high performance on-board processor, advanced diagnostics, in-system electronic software updates, plug and play installation, Windows 2K/XP software drivers, and full FCC and CE-Mark approval. Each USB-TC product comes with a standard 2-meter USB cable and a test/demo/support CD-ROM (including driver software and a program "service" that can be used to set the PC's clock to match the time code that is being read). Large order customization is available. This model family is RoHS compliant. Approximate size: 4.5 x 2.7 x 1.2 (inches)
Automatically adapts to SMPTE (30fps), EBU (25fps), and FILM (24fps) LTC standards. Reads all time bits, user bits, and embedded bits, including the drop-frame and color-frame flags. Accepts 100mVpp to 10Vpp input levels, 1/10x to 80x, bi-directional, DF/NDF. Uses a Hi-Z BNC input connector, and a differential LTC input (for superior noise rejection).
USB-21VL/RDR VITC/LTC Reader and NTSC Line 21 Data Reader.
Includes all features of the USB-LTC/RDR above, plus reads VITC and NTSC Line 21 data, including caption data, V-chip information, and other XDS data services. Automatically adapts to NTSC (30fps) and PAL/SECAM (25fps) video standards. Reads VITC at -1x to STILL to +3x or better (is highly machine dependant). The video input uses a 75ohm BNC connector and is differential (for superior noise rejection).


USB-IRIG/RDR Multi-Format IRIG Time Code Reader.
Automatically adapts to whatever play speed IRIG standard signal is being supplied, including TTL (DCLS) and Modulated IRIG-A, B, D, E, G, and H. Supports all standard IRIG code formats except for the high frequency (1MHz) modulated IRIG-B (B150-B153). Reads all IRIG data fields and bits, including time-of-day, day-of-year, straight binary seconds (SBS), and all control bits. For modulated IRIG, accepts 400mVpp to 10Vpp input signals having a standard mark-to-space ratio of 3:1 to 6:1. Uses a single Hi-Z BNC input connector which is single ended for TTL (DCLS) signals, and which is differential for modulated signals (for superior noise rejection). *Note that the current onboard firmware only supports IRIG-B time code reading.


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