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AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 Literature
BRIEF: These products were designed to effectively add LTC and/or VITC time code reading capabilities to RS-422 serially controlled "Sony protocol" VTRs that do not have 'built in' readers. These devices work in place of the optional time code boards that were manufactured to be installed in the VTRs but that are no longer available or difficult to find. The Sony BVU-800 and JVC CR-850 are the most common VTRs used with these devices. Also, these unit can be use to handle the reading of time code and inserting the data into the serial control stream from non-standard locations such as when audio is recorded onto an audio 1 or audio 2 track or is a live feed.
The AEC-BOX-3x models are no longerl available.

 'AEC-BOX-32'  LTC / VITC Time Code Reader Inserter

The AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 products were designed to effectively add time code capabilities to serially controlled "Sony protocol" VTRs. This serial protocol is used by many high quality VTRs, including the Sony U-matic, Betacam, 1-inch, digital video, and Panasonic MII machines.

The LTC and/or VITC data is read and inserted into the serial data stream by the AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 as needed. The AEC-BOX- 30G can also generate analog LTC. In addition, all models properly control the VTR during prerolls, searches, auto-edits, etc., without any intervention required from the controller.

Each AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 is small (modem sized), rugged (all metal), and attractive. For both reliability and convenience, an internal power supply is used, for which 115VAC/230VAC is required, and which is Hi-Pot tested for your (and our) safety.

Installation is very easy. Standard 9-pin RS422 cables are used from the AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 to both the controller and to the VTR. Also, the LTC/VITC outputs of the VTR are connected to the appropriate inputs on the AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 (VITC inputs are Hi-Z looping). Other than that, no setup work is required.

ALL documented (and many undocumented) "Sony protocol" serial commands are supported. We believe that the AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 will work with any controller which is designed to control such VTRs. Our 15 day money back guarantee on this product, if you are not fully satisfied, supports this claim.

Please call us at 1-800-782-2321, or at the number above, if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.


Tracey Ruesch, President

P.S. If your application requires something a little different from what you see here, please give us a call. These boxes (and their software) have been designed with customization in mind. Since we are a small company, we can (usually) respond quickly to your particular needs, and at a reasonable price.

Adrienne, AEC, AEC-BOX, PC-207M, PC-LTC, PC-VITC, and PC-VLTC are trademarks of Adrienne Electronics Corporation. Sony, U-matic, and Betacam are trademarks of Sony Corporation.


The LTC reader uses a proprietary integrated circuit to read even poor quality LTC signals from (theoretically) 1/30x to 50x play speed, in both the forward and reverse tape directions. In cases where the LTC signal is unreadable, such as below 1/10x with many VTRs, the VTR's control track pulses are used to automatically adjust the LTC data as needed.


The VITC reader uses a proprietary integrated circuit to read even poor quality VITC signals from at least -1x to STILL to +3x. In cases where the VITC signal is unreadable, such as at search speeds, the VTR's control track pulses are used to automatically adjust the VITC data as needed. Normally the VITC reader just reads the first two VITC lines it sees in each vertical interval. Alternatively, you may specify which two VITC lines are to be read via DIP switch programming (described in the manual).


The AEC-BOX-32 has both LTC and VITC read capabilities. In addition to the LTC and VITC reader notes above, this box automatically switches back and forth between reading LTC and VITC, depending upon which signal has the fewest read errors.


The AEC-BOX-30G includes an LTC generator with an analog LTC output, plus a Hi-Z looping video sync input to synchronize the LTC output to the desired video reference signal. The LTC output is activated by RECORD, ASSEMBLE EDIT, and INSERT EDIT (with LTC track selected) commands from the controller. The AEC-BOX-30G cannot be used as a standalone LTC generator - it only responds to serial commands from the controller.


The most obvious application is to effectively add LTC and/or VITC time code reader capabilities to serially controlled VTRs which do not have internal time code readers. The AEC-BOX-30G can also generate analog LTC. The AEC-BOX-32, with its LTC/VITC reader, can also be used to add VITC read capabilities to an "LTC only" VTR.

Another important use (pointed out by several of our customers) is the ability to recover (and use) tapes which have had LTC recorded onto one of the audio tracks instead of on the LTC track. VTRs with internal LTC readers are helpless in this situation.


The RS422 serial port on these machines is only about 2/3 "Sony protocol" compatible, which leads to big problems with many edit controllers. The AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 automatically sense the presence of these JVC VTRs and provide full protocol translation in addition to the box's time code capabilities. Your edit controller will then believe that it is talking to a real "Sony protocol" VTR, saving your JVC machines from obsolescence.


If no VTR is connected, the AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 automatically enters the "Sony VTR Emulator" mode, during which it reads LTC/VITC and emulates a "Sony protocol" VTR all by itself. This allows use of the box with tape logging software and inexpensive VHS tape machines. The AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 then automatically reverts to normal operations as soon as an RS422 VTR is detected, facilitating use with RS422 routing switchers and patch panels.


Each AEC-BOX-30/30G/31/32 senses whether an NTSC or PAL type VTR is present, and automatically adjusts its operations as needed to handle the types of signals present. No setup work of any kind is required to switch between NTSC/SMPTE and PAL/EBU operations.


Model       Description                                     Price
AEC-BOX-30  Serial LTC Reader Data Inserter Box ............. 495
            for use with "Sony protocol" VTRs.
AEC-BOX-30G Serial LTC Reader/Generator Data Inserter Box ... 595
            for use with "Sony protocol" VTRs.
AEC-BOX-31  Serial VITC Reader Data Inserter Box ............ 495
            for use with "Sony protocol" VTRs.
AEC-BOX-32  Serial LTC/VITC Reader Data Inserter Box ........ 595
            for use with "Sony protocol" VTRs.
Each  box comes with a 3 meter RS422 cable for connection to  the 
VTR,  an instruction manual, schematics, a 115VAC internal  power 
supply,  a 2 year warranty, proven performance  and  reliability, 
and a 15 day money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.
230VAC      Converts internal power supply to 230VAC .......... 0
Accessories:                                  (feet/3.3 = meters)
ESBUSCBL2   Box to 9-pin ESbus Controller ....... 25 + 0.90/meter
            RS422 cable (5 conductor).
BOX232CBL   Box to 9-pin IBM RS232 port cable, .. 23 + 0.70/meter
            with 9-pin to 25-pin adapter.
BOX232MAC   Box to 9-pin Macintosh RS232 port cable (2m) ..... 25
BNC2RCA     Adapter from BNC cable to RCA jack ................ 6
XMAN        Extra instruction manual ......................... 20
AEC-BOX is a trademark of Adrienne Electronics Corporation.
Prices subject to change without notice.     (C) January 1997 AEC
                         Made in U.S.A.
Copyright 2006 Adrienne Electronics Corporation
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