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AEC-1 & AEC-2 

Router Literature


Routing Switcher Literature (Data Sheets)
Documentation / manuals available on the 'Downloads' page.
NOTE: Dec. 15, 2008 - We are winding down production on this product line as we can no longer obtain the switches for this product without ordering very expensive 'custom' production. If you need some components in this product line, let us know. We still have miscellaneous parts/options in stock. Thanks for your support. We should be able to handle some orders for those parts/models that do NOT require switches for a short time.
Note: April 2012 - We have a small number of base model units available and a small selection of optional parts, etc. Contact the factory for specific availability if you are interested in getting any of these parts/options.

AEC-1VAAA 10X1 Video and Triple Audio Routing Switcher $1295
AEC-1VAA 10X1 Video and Stereo Audio Routing Switcher $1145
AEC-1VA 10X1 Video and Mono Audio Routing Switcher $995
AEC-1V 10X1 Video Only Routing Switcher $845
AEC-1AAA 10X1 Triple Audio Only Routing Switcher $995
AEC-1AA 10X1 Stereo Audio Only Routing Switcher $845
AEC-1A 10X1 Mono Audio Only Routing Switcher $695
AEC-1YCC 10X1 YCC Component Video Routing Switcher $2245
AEC-1RGB 10X1 RGB Component Video Routing Switcher $2245
AEC-1RGBS 10X1 RGB & Sync Video Routing Switcher $2945
AEC-2VAA 10X2 Video and Stereo Audio Routing Switcher $1645
AEC-2VA 10X2 Video and Mono Audio Routing Switcher $1445
AEC-2V 10X2 Video Only Routing Switcher $1245
AEC-2AA 10X2 Stereo Only Audio Routing Switcher $945
AEC-2A 10X2 Mono Audio Only Routing Switcher $745
AEC-2YCC 10X2 YCC Component Video Routing Switcher $3445
AEC-2RGB 10X2 RGB Component Video Routing Switcher $3445
AEC-2RGBS 10X2 RGB & Sync Video Routing Switcher $4545
NOTE - For all of the above, if you do not need buttons on the front panel, add the suffix "R" to the model number, subtract $150 from the price, and order remote control panels and cables below. Connector kits included with audio boards.

AEC-1/SIO or AEC-2/SIO Serial Interface Board (internal, both RS422 and RS232) $250
AEC-1/230V or AEC-2/230V 230VAC Power Supply $20
AEC-1/PAL or AEC-2/PAL Modified Slightly for PAL video signals $20
AEC-1/RLY 2P-10T Relay Board (for time code or tally, fits in audio board slots) $150
AEC-1/AUD Extra Audio Board $150
AEC-1/PAUD Additional charge for premium audio specs (120db SNR, 100dB crosstalk, 70db CMRR, etc.) $25/bd
AEC-1/SYNC External Sync Input (loop through) $30
AEC-1/3VID Adds a third isolated video output BNC. Note: You cannot order both the "SYNC" and "3VID" options. $20


(feet/3.3 = meters)
AEC-1/RCP or AEC-2/RCP Parallel Remote Control Panel $250
AEC-1/RCC or AEC-2/RCC Parallel Remote Control Cable (18 conductor) $30 + 2.70/meter
AEC-1/LCP Leverwheel Switch Control Panel (indicates inputs 0-9) $50 + 0.70/meter
AEC-1/WPX Wire-per-Crosspoint Control Adapter $50


(feet/3.3 = meters)
AEC-1/SCP or AEC-2/SCP Serial Remote Control Panel $645
AEC-1/SCC or AEC-2/SCC Router to Serial Control Panel Cable $20 + 0.70/meter
AEC-1/232 or AEC-2/232 Router to 9-Pin RS232 Port Cable, with 9-pin to 25-pin Adapter $23 + 0.70/meter
AEC-1/MDM or AEC-2/MDM Router to 25-pin Modem RS232 Cable $20 + 0.70/meter
AEC-1/422 or AEC-2/422 Router to 9-pin ESbus (5 conductor) RS422
$25 + 0.90/meter


AEC-1/SCRW or AEC-2/SCRW Screw Terminal Adapter Board (one required
for each audio/relay channel)
AEC-1/WYE Wye Cable (allows use of 2 remote panels) $30
AEC-1/ALPn or AEC-2/ALPn Audio Looping Cable for "n" AEC-1's or -2's $10*(n + 1)
AEC-1/CLPn Control Looping Cable for "n" AEC-1's $10*(n + 1)
AEC-1/19X1 19 x 1 Control Cable $30
AEC-1/28X1 28 x 1 Control Cable $50
AEC-1/IEKn Input Expansion Cable for "n" AEC-1's $150 + (25 * n)
AEC-1/RKT or AEC-2/RKT Remote Connector Kit (2 ends) $20
AEC-1/XMAN or AEC-2/XMAN Extra Instruction Manual $20
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Last modified: 02/22/13